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Category: Septic pumping

Jan 19

Installing and Repairing a Septic Tank System

For most American homes, such as those in cities and larger towns, a public sewage system will take care of all waste water from private residences and commercial buildings, and local water treatment plants will handle all this waste water. By contrast, one in four American homes instead makes use of a septic tank, and these homes are often more remote rural or semi-rural ones that don’t have access to a nearby public utility. Instead, they have self-contained waste water treatment by means of their septic tank and the pipes and filters connected to it. What does a septic tank do, and how can a rural homeowner keep their septic tank clean and working well?

The Basics of Septic Systems

When dirty, used water flows from a home, it will go through pipes and end up not in public utilities, but into a large septic tank that is buried underground on the home’s property. Inside this tank, many bacteria species will star breaking down the matter inside over the course of the next

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Feb 18

Septic Tanks How They Work

Septic tank repair

The septic tank. It is a tool used by many people where they have no access to municipality or county water sources. The septic tank takes this issue into its own hands with a complex scientific system that is designed to break down waste and return it to the fields where it can be reused as fuel for plants.

Plumbing, or indoor plumbing, was originally started in the Indus Valley Civilization. This civilization was the first to put together a system of pipes and latrines in houses. In the case of one city, people deposited their refuse into a bathroom pipe that emptied into larger pipes in the city. The whole mess was washed away with the rainfall.

Since then, people have been grappling with what to do with waste. This has actually gone on since the start of civilization. Large groups of people c

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