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Category: Satin varnish

Feb 19

4 Health Risks Caused by Exposure to VOCs

It’s understandable to wonder what is a VOC? You’ll likely encounter these three letters before you begin a painting project. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are those which often turn into vapor or gases. As these compounds become vapor or gases, it’s often harmful to humans to breathe in these potentially dangerous emissions. Here are four dangers associated with exposure to VOCs.

  • Seeing Changes Occur to Your Skin

    Many people begin asking themselves what is a VOC after noticing odd skin changes occurring. In some cases, people will notice immediate skin changes after being exposed to VOCs. One of these effects is dealing with itching and red skin. Unfortunately, exposure to volatile organic compounds often causes people to experience symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.
  • Experiencing Nausea Accompanied

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Oct 18

Do you know what you’re painting with and what the ingredients are?

Picking out paint colors and painting your home and other surfaces can be an exciting time and a refreshing time for your home. Just the thought of your home looking like a new place is an exciting time in any home. But what are some of the things you should be careful of when you’re redecorating your favorite place in your home? What are some of the questions you should be asking yourself as you go about these new projects? Questions like the following: What are polyurethane fumes? What is varnish? Why do I need wall primer? And why use latex free paint? Before you dig into painting ask yourself these questions and your home will be a little bit brighter and a whole lot safer as a result of them.

What are polyurethane fumes?

If you find yourself asking the question “what are polyurethane fumes” perhaps this

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