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Category: Residential lifts

Mar 19

An Overview Of Elevators

Since the early days of a two-man team, dispatcher and operator, commercial elevators have had major advances to their technology. Gone are the days of man-operated commercial elevators in favor of an advancement in navigational buttons; their jobs now obsolete and extinct.

There are several different kinds of elevators, each with their own size and maximum capacity. However, there are only five that are used more often than others: passenger, freight, LULA, home and personnel.

Passenger elevators give their name away for their usage right away. Their primary function is to carry passengers. Their size and capacity is based on its intended use. With the advancements in hydraulics, passenger elevators can travel at a maximum height of 50 feet, the same can be said for traction-driven passenger elevators.

Freight elevators are typically not used for as a commercial elevator. Instead, freight elevators primarily function like a big cart, carrying goods from one location to

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Jan 18

Elevators Their Purpose and Service to the Community

Commercial elevator installation

Elevators perform a service in American and around the world. They transport individuals from floor to floor, without those individuals having to walk up stairs. Those individuals might have offices or apartments on the fifth floor or above. There are some skyscrapers that have dozens of floors. Elevators perform a service. They get people to their place.

America currently has over 700,000 elevators and there are over 10,000 residential elevators being installed per year. They are there for people who are obese or out of shape. They are there for people who reside on floors far above the norm for walking up stairs. They are their for the handicapped, who cannot use the stairs.

In the United States, there are an estimated 900,000 elevators, each serving an average of 20,000 people pe

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