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Apr 18

How To Protect Yourself This Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are a fact of life for people who live in coastal areas that are prone to them. Hurricane season typically runs from the very beginning of June until the end of November, marking a nearly six month period defined by the potential for dangerous storms to reach shore and cause what often amounts to devastating amounts of damage. It seems that in recent years, hurricanes – particularly powerful ones – have become more and more common. In fact, Hurricane Irma of 2017 caused more than half of the population of Barbuda to become homeless when she damaged nearly one hundred percent of the buildings there, including buildings where people lived and made their lives. To get a better sense of Hurricane Irma’s power, think about it this way – with seven trillion watts of energy, she was considered to have more destructive power than all of the bombs used in the second world war, and then some.

And Hurricane Irma was not alone. In 2017, ten storms in a row were elevated to hurrica

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Jan 16

What Young Families Look for the Most in a Home


Selling a home can be a nightmare for some and a breeze for others depending on the condition of a home. Those who experience difficulty in generating buzz for their home may need to turn to home improvement projects to get the attention they need to sell a home. Knowing your target audience is essential as well, since the majority of home buyers are Millennials, it may help to understand the three things young families are looking for in a home.

Increased Curb Appeal

Many home sellers forget that the interior is only half of the product; ugly exteriors can cost home sellers since most home buyers look online at pictures of the property — this eliminates the need for them to visit. Investing in a privacy fence, patio, or deck could increase value to your home and generate the attentio

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