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Category: Health effects from vocs

Feb 19

How To Better Reduce Your Exposure To Volatile Organic Compounds Here In The United States

Volatile organic compounds – which are also known as VOCs – are certainly nothing to be taken lightly here in the United States. After all, new research surrounding these volatile organic compounds is coming to light, and this research shows just how detrimental exposure to such things can be – and not just here in the United States but all throughout the world as a whole. For children and adults alike, the effect of volatile organic compounds is nothing less than considerable.

For instance, children tend to be particularly impacted by exposure to volatile organic compounds, particularly if this exposure lasts for a considerable amount of time. In one study, the health effects from VOCs were particularly pronounced, as this study was conducted on children living in the homes with the top 25% most severe volatile organic compound concentrations. In such homes, it should come as no surprise that health effects from VOCs were considerable.

For many of these children, asthma deve

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Feb 19

What’s in Polyurethane Fumes and are they Harmful

Polyurethane is commonly used in houses to give wood floors their shine. It also helps to protect the wood floor from water stains, or from liquid seeping in between the cracks ruining the flooring. This product serves a purpose, however it can also be harmful for your health. Many the fumes from polyurethane will begin to fade over time, usually within one year, but majority of problems can be experienced within the first year of having your flooring installed.

What’s in Polyurethane Fumes

You may be wondering what are polyurethane fumes, and why are they dangerous. Polyurethane fumes contain many chemical compounds including volatile organic compounds also known as VOC’s. In case you’re wondering what are VOC’s and whether they are dangerous or no, many of these VOC’s are two to five times higher

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