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Category: Air conditioning company

May 19

When to Get Heating and Cooling Repairs Done

Most American houses and commercial buildings have their own climate control; that is, heating and cooling utilities that can warm up the house in winter or cool it back down in summer. This may be done with a conventional HVAC system, or even ductless heat pumps that can be mounted on the wall. Either way, a homeowner will want a fully functional and clean HVAC system, and dirt and damage may overwork the system or even weaken the climate control. A homeowner may clean off wall-mounted air grates, but more advanced repair or cleaning calls for contacting air conditioning services and HVAC repair teams in their area to handle matters. A heating and cooling system may use up as much as half of the house’s total electric bill, and if the system is being strained due to dirt or damage, that may drive up the electric bill even further.

Problems With the HVAC System

What might go wrong with a house’s or commercial building’s heating and cooling system? Sheer dirt may be the is

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Jun 15

How to Fix a Broken AC Unit

Ac repair wesley chapel

Renting a home for the first time? Or perhaps just purchased an air conditioning unit? An AC unit can be a great way to keep temperatures down during the summertime, and most HVAC units can last an average of 12 years, yet only with proper AC repair and maintenance.

Why repair and maintain air conditioners? It could be simple and less time-consuming to simply call up an air conditioning company for all repair and maintenance needs, but why spend the money? Making a simple fix, such as replacing a dirty, clogged filter can lower your system’s energy consumption by 5-15%.

Note that AC repair and maintenance is also a preventative measure. Between 2006 and 2010, poorly maintained AC

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