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Archive for September 9th, 2019

Sep 19

Fall Landscape Renovations Can Add Color to the Last Months of the Year

A return trip that included 917 through the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska included lots of landscape. From the long horn cattle of Texas to the round barns of Oklahoma, the father daughter drive was one for the books. The backroads through Oklahoma revealed some of the reddest dirt the two travelers had ever seen. Staining the two lane highways and guard rails, it was so pervasive you simply could not ignore it. Separated by 90 miles and more than 100 years, the red paint and brick of the two round barns further emphasized the red dirt throughout the Oklahoma state. Traveling north through Kansas and into the black fertile soil of Nebraska, it was an unintentional study of the landscape of the midwest.
Taking turns nothing landscape designs of large homes in small towns and small houses on large farms, the ride was mesmerizing. The 87 year old father and 56 year old daughter often talked of the scenery as much as they did the past. Road trips

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Sep 19

Important Considerations Surrounding The Usage Of Electricity In The United States

There is no doubting the fact that electricity is quite hugely important all throughout the United States – and in much else of the world as well, for that matter. If you really look at things, it becomes hugely clear why this is so very much the case. After all, we use eelctricity for so very much that we do. It’s likely that you’re even using some form of electricity as you’re reading this right now.

For one thing, the basics of life are often powered by electricity. Lights use electricity to turn on and off, and such tools are essential for modern living, allowing us to stay up late into the night, getting more work done than ever before. Electricity, in this manner and many others, allows us to participate in greater amounts of leisure time as well, something that is a relatively modern construct. And electricity makes so many other aspects of living so much easier as well, from powering many of our appliances to streamlining basic functions of life, such as cooking. For many

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