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Feb 19

Behind The Importance Of Screening Your Outdoor Spaces Here In The United States

Here in the United States, owning a pool is relatively commonplace. After all, swimming has risen to become the fourth most popular sport in the entirety of this country, meaning that many people find pool ownership greatly enjoyable indeed. In fact, pool ownership is on the rise as more and more people seek to beautify and make better use of their outdoor spaces. In addition to this, outdoor kitchens, bonfire pits, porches, and patios, have all seen an uptick in popularity in recent years.

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining any given outdoor space, and taking the time and the care to follow through with this will help to ensure that your backyard stays in prime condition at all times. However, it is still very much important to incorporate elements to keep the people using such backyard spaces as well, from fencing to the use of pool enclosure screen material. First, let’s take a look at fencing, particularly the kind that is used around pools.

Pool fencing is hugely i

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Feb 19

4 Health Risks Caused by Exposure to VOCs

It’s understandable to wonder what is a VOC? You’ll likely encounter these three letters before you begin a painting project. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are those which often turn into vapor or gases. As these compounds become vapor or gases, it’s often harmful to humans to breathe in these potentially dangerous emissions. Here are four dangers associated with exposure to VOCs.

  • Seeing Changes Occur to Your Skin

    Many people begin asking themselves what is a VOC after noticing odd skin changes occurring. In some cases, people will notice immediate skin changes after being exposed to VOCs. One of these effects is dealing with itching and red skin. Unfortunately, exposure to volatile organic compounds often causes people to experience symptoms similar to an allergic reaction.
  • Experiencing Nausea Accompanied

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Feb 19

What’s in Polyurethane Fumes and are they Harmful

Polyurethane is commonly used in houses to give wood floors their shine. It also helps to protect the wood floor from water stains, or from liquid seeping in between the cracks ruining the flooring. This product serves a purpose, however it can also be harmful for your health. Many the fumes from polyurethane will begin to fade over time, usually within one year, but majority of problems can be experienced within the first year of having your flooring installed.

What’s in Polyurethane Fumes

You may be wondering what are polyurethane fumes, and why are they dangerous. Polyurethane fumes contain many chemical compounds including volatile organic compounds also known as VOC’s. In case you’re wondering what are VOC’s and whether they are dangerous or no, many of these VOC’s are two to five times higher

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Feb 19

Using the Right Cribs and Carpets for a Newborn Baby

Interior decoration is something that many homeowners will want to do, and their walls, furniture, or even a wooden deck can get deck paint, new wall paint or wallpaper, or more, and furniture such as dressers, tables, and chairs may bet a new coat of paint, or even the floor might get anti slip paint on it, such as concrete. Spray paint and exterior floor paint are more specialized products that homeowners may want to try, and while deck paint and spray paint can have a lot of chemicals in them, homeowners are urged to consider the safety of the products that they use, and avoid those that give off a lot of airborne toxins such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This is especially true if a household has an infant or a toddler in it, and these very young family members have heightened sensitivity to allergens, VOCs, and more. Responsible parents will make sure that the paint and even the carpets in the home are friendly for a newborn, and crib safe paint should be sought out in par

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