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Nov 18

Why Light Induction Should Be Your Fight Choice of Lights

Induction light is the latest alternative lighting technology that is affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Induction lighting products have become popular for home and commercial users. Induction light products are quickly becoming the fluorescent tube replacement and perfect for garage lighting, induction parking lights, ceiling and street light, among other areas.

The reasons for this trend are the obvious advantages of light induction over the traditional LED lighting systems. Explained below are some of the benefits you get from them.

Long Life
Most induction lamps give you up to 100,000 hrs when used 24/7 in ordinary lighting situations, for instance, in a factory. LED high bay lights, on the other hand, will give you a maximum of 50,000 hours which is only half the lifespan of induction lights.

Perfectly Bright and Flicker-Free light
Today, most available Induction lights for sale operate at a very high frequency

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Nov 18

5 Do It Yourself Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom

Owning a home is a constant battle. As time goes on and the elements take their toll, things may start falling apart. Or, if you’re flipping a house, you may just want to make sure everything is in as good a shape as possible. No matter your reasoning, we’ve collected a few tips that are sure to help you keep your bathroom looking absolutely amazing.

1. Waterproof Paint For Shower Protection

If you’ve got paint yellowing or chipping in your shower, it may be time for a new coat. Clear off the old paint and purchase some waterproof shower paint to slap on. It’ll give your shower a fresh, new look that will stick around. If you head to the store to pick up some waterproof paint for shower and bath, you might also want to look into some slip resistant waterproof coating alongside the other waterproof products. If you put that in an old shower, it’ll be able to do a world of good when it comes t

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