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Aug 18
Last Updated on 05 August 2018

Remodeling a Home

Our homes are like our bodies, each piece distinct and yet serving a function that adds to the service of the greater whole. Your windows, for example, are like the eyes of your home while your plumbing is like the circulatory system. Every system has a job and every room has a function that it performs to the best of its abilities. A well maintained home can be crucial for the mental health of you and your family, after all. Keeping a home in the best condition you can is important, critical even and you never want to skip out anything that you can fix. Let’s look at fictional family, for example. Let’s call them the Smiths. The Smiths have lived in their home in Pittsburgh for several generations and it is considered something of a family artifact at this point. The two Smith parents live there with their two children, two boys who are in middle school. It is an alright life but it is certainly not without its problems. Middle school is a rough time, after all, and kids go through a lot of changes at that age trying to figure out who they are and how they fit in. It’s hard on the parents too because they have to try and guide their children while still leaving rooms for the kids to make their own mistakes and learn from them. This type of transformation from child to energetic and confused adolescence is hard on the bodies and minds of parents and kids but it can be just as hard on the external world as well. Doors slammed, things accidentally broken, playing too rough, all these things are perfectly natural but they don’t add up to anything good for the home itself. The Smiths home has gone through a lot of wear and tear recently and they are thinking of getting several rooms remodeled, out of a desire for change and a consideration of general safety. But what rooms are they going to get remodeled and how should they go about doing it? What are some of the things they have to think about before they start searching for a home remodeling company?
Starting with Basements
All basements are different, of course. Many are furnished but many are not and every family has a slightly different way of dealing with their basements as they age. The Smiths, it turns out, have a finished basement and this is the first room they are thinking of having renovations in. So where should they start? Well, the first thing they have to think about is what the square footage of most basements is and what the square footage of their basement in particular is. Remodeling a basement isn’t quite the same as remodeling kitchens or anything of the sort. It takes a different approach and a keen eye to spot any of the damage that might need to be fixed.
Kitchens, on the other hand, are much more appliance heavy and will often be cluttered or confusing. This applies to basements too, obviously, but for kitchens there are numerous other things the Smiths are going to have to consider such as gas lines and plumbing. The Smiths, for another good example, have gas stove connected by pipes that are starting to rust a bit. The water damage to these gas pipes isn’t too bad but it needs to be looked at before it gets any worse. Basements tend to have a few large appliances and kitchens tend to have lots of smaller ones so it becomes an exercise in detail when researching how to remodel them. Don’t skip on this detail and always pay attention when researching.
Bedrooms, unlike basements and kitchens, are a little easier to renovate. They’re fairly straightforward in design and mostly wired for electrical and nothing else. There isn’t typically plumbing into bedrooms unless you have a small utility sink or another water fixture. The Smiths decide to renovate their bedrooms last as it will be the easiest thing to do and for very good reason. When renovating, always good to get the really complicated rooms out of the way first.


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