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Jun 18
Last Updated on 11 June 2018

Should I Call For Emergency Plumbing Services?

We’re all really grateful for plumbing services: what would we do without them! Indoor plumbing has been around for more than 4,000 years, and plumbing service has been around almost as long. There are definitely times when you need to call some plumbers in to look at an issue, but one big question a lot of people have is when it’s necessary to call emergency plumbing services. Thankfully emergency plumbing services are available nearly everywhere 24/7, but they’re also expensive. So when do you know its a true emergency, and when can it wait until morning?

The Emergency Begins

Oh no! You’ve woken up to the soul-chilling sound of leaking water. Worse, your child has come to tell you that she walked into the bathroom and now her socks are all wet. You panic, you pray, you frantically hunt the phone book for a 24-hour plumber. Why didn’t you get the number before an emergency like this?

First Steps

Before you go calling for an expensive off-hours plumbing service, there are at least three things you can do. First, try turning off the water. You can turn off the water to the fixture that’s causing issues, or possibly even to the whole room. If necessary, you might even be able to turn off the water to the whole house at the meter. This buys you time to wait till morning and regular working hours. If that works, assess the damage. If you’ve got all the water shut off to that leaky faucet, great. Can you mop up the pool that’s left? If not, you might need to make a call, but if you can you might be able to avoid paying the off-hours premium. Finally, give your water company a call because it might not be your issue. It might be a break in a line or a sewer blockage that they need to be responsible for. If the issue is urgent enough, they should have 24-hour service to respond to this type of emergency.

Nothing Is Working

Ok, so you’ve tried everything and the water won’t shut off. Or, you’ve got it off but things are still in really bad shape. You’ll need to call for a plumbing service, but here are some things to do first. First, assess exactly what needs to do, as well as you can. Do you need toilet repair or faucet repair? Then call several plumbers and get an estimated quote. Be sure to ask to speak to the plumber directly and not just to an operator.

An after-hours plumbing emergency can be a nightmare, but luckily there are options available. The key is to not panic, to try to stop the leak, to assess the damage, and then, if necessary, call a plumbing service. With any luck you’ll be able to wait till morning, but, if not, thank your lucky stars that some people are willing to work any time of day.


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