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Archive for August, 2017

Aug 17

Could a Lack of HVAC Maintenance Lead to Mold Growth?

Ac repairs

If your home uses an AC unit for cooling, then you need to schedule regular maintenance checks if you want to avoid unexpected air conditioning repairs. Keeping an HVAC unit in good repair does go a long way towards energy savings, however maintenance can also be a predictor of your health as well. If you want to avoid emergency HVAC repair, increase energy savings, and also keep an eye on your health, you’ll want to make regular check-ups a priority.

Avoiding Air Conditioning Repair: What Maintenance Really Does For Your Heating and Cooling Unit.

Temperature-controlled air is a luxury of the modern age. Keeping it working throughout a hot summer or a freezing winter requires the unit to be in good w

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Aug 17

Tips to Take Care of your Lawn


It’s easy to ignore the details of your lawn. Generally speaking, you look outside, see green, and that’s good enough. But there’s a whole lot more to it than just letting grass grow. While not everyone needs to outsource their landscaping, lawn care service can be a worthwhile hobby — or expense.

A healthy lawn is not just good for your peace of mind, it’s good for the planet. A good lawn absorbs rain about four times as effectively as a field of hay and up to six times as effectively as a field of wheat. Furthermore, grass helps cool the air and reduce pollution. An average lawn absorbs enough sunlight to reduce temperatures by roughly the same as an in-home air conditioner while also trapping an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt (nationwide) which is released annually into the atmosphere.

These nu

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Aug 17

Are You Getting Ready to Purchase a New Washer and Dryer Unit?


Home appliances are a blessing when they are in working order, but they can be a challenge when they malfunction. When your dryer quits working the day before the first day of school, for instance, it can be a challenge to get the kids and yourself ready for the first day you all return to the classrooms, you as a teacher, the kids as students. Finding a way to get your appliances repaired and back in working order can be a challenge. The decision to repair rather than replace a dryer, for instance, is often difficult to make. Repair service calls often come with a minimum service charge that can be intimidating, so many appliance owners make the decision to simply buy somet

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Aug 17

Are Your Windows as Energy-Efficient as They Should Be? The Answer May Shock You

Windows chicago

Whether you’ve been a homeowner for one year or a decade, it’s always smart to be thinking about which things you need to be maintaining or replacing in order to keep our dwelling as energy-efficient as possible. And our windows are often one of the things we overlook most. But old, inefficient windows can end up costing you ? it’s estimated that drafty windows that let air escape can add as much as 25% to your home’s energy bill.

So how can you tell if it’s time for a home window replacement in your house? Here are three of the easiest ways to find out:

You notice air leaks

Air leaks, or drafts, are one of the most common signs that it’s time for a home window replacement. Checking for them is simple; if you light a match or incense stick and hold it near your window frame. If

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Aug 17

4 Reasons You Should Take A Minute From Your Busy Life to Consider an HVAC Replacement

Oldsmar air conditioning company

Let’s face it, residential heating and residential air conditioning repair is not a subject you spend much time thinking about. You have your family, your job, and your hobbies to keep you busy. But it’s a shame because even a little bit of time spent thinking about your HVAC system can net you some truly awesome benefits.

In this blog, we will lay out the benefits of hiring an HVAC specialist can have for you both quickly and concisely, that way even the busiest person will be able to enjoy the improvements to their quality of life.

Less Energy Consumption

Around 48% of your home energy usage is directly related to heating and cooling. And while it is no

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