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Archive for July 7th, 2015

Jul 15

3 Easy Tips on Termite Control for Homeowners

General household pest control

If there’s one thing that all homeowners need to be wary of, it’s termites. Termites can do considerable damage to a home in a short period of time, so the termite control process needs to be fast. Fortunately, however, there are tips on termite control for homeowners for minimal and major damage. Here are three household pest control tips you should use if you suspect a termite problem:

    1. Check for the signs of damage regularly. If your home has a history of termite problems, or you know that other homes in your geographic area are prone to them, then check the wooden parts of your home on a regular basis. Some signs of damage include small holes in baseboards, window sills, or other wood; wood in your home with a rotted appearance; termite frass, or small piles of dr

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Jul 15

What All Homeowners Need to Know About Sewer Lines

Trenchless pipe replacement

Let’s face it: sewers aren’t a very exciting topic. But if you enjoy having indoor plumbing, you’d do well to learn a little more about the sewer lines in your house. Here are the facts you should know about sewers — and have never had the stomach to ask:

What Sewers Are

Sewers are actually a relatively broad category, referring generally to the lines that drain wastewater from your home. That includes lavatory waste, but also kitchen waste, laundry waste and even stormwater drainage. Sewer lines may be either private (leading to a septic tank) or shared (leading into a publicly maintained system).

Keeping Them Clear

Of course, you should always try to keep your sewer and drainage lines clear. There are numerous ways you can do that:

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