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Archive for August, 2013

Aug 13

Heater repair —- WATCH VIDEO

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Leaking air conditioner unit, Geothermal cooling system, Hvac system installation, Generator virginia beach, Home generators, Hvac installation.

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Aug 13

Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home

When to clean air ducts

Every six to twelve months, you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company, to get rid of embedded dust, dirt, and crumbs. Pet stain removal can also be similarly scheduled. In the meantime, regular vacuuming is essential, but not just for keeping your carpets looking and smelling nice. Vacuuming your carpets two or three times a week will help reduce the buildup of what are known as “volatile organic compounds”, which can affect more than just the condition of your carpets… they can affect the health of your family as well.

A volatile organic compound is any organic compound that can evaporate under normal indoor conditions and temperatures. Symptoms of exposure can include nausea, irritat

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Aug 13

Considering Remodeling your Kitchen but Think the Cost is Too High? Read This and Think Again!

Granite wholesalers

Is your kitchen old and outdated? Do your cabinets need a contemporary kitchen cabinetry upgrade? What about replacing your counter tops? What is the difference of quartz vs granite counter tops? Isn’t replacing kitchen cabinets expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming? Well, take a look at this information, and you might decide that upgrading your kitchen isn’t as inconvenient as you might think.

  1. A slab of granite is cut, treated, and then polished until smooth when it is made into a counter. It is less durable than people tend to beli

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Aug 13

Give Your House a Makeover With a New Exterior Paint Job

Residential painting services

If you are looking to renovate your old home or you want to customize the look of your brand new house in Atlanta painting the exterior could be great way to breath fresh life into the aesthetic without detracting from your homes existing charm.

The right residential painting company with years of quality experience can offer sound suggestions and provide exterior painting ideas based on your specific criteria. No matter what color scheme suits your fancy, or how large your house may be, the right Atlanta painting company will be able to meet your needs. You may also want to hire a company that does interior painting as well. T

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Aug 13

Cut Out the Middleman and Have Your House Designed and Built by the Same Company

New homes construction

The biggest problem with buying a house that you did not design is that you will always find something wrong. There is always an aspect to the house that will make you scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking in designing it that way. As such, you can never be fully happy in living there, because it will never live up to your standards and expectations. So, rather than looking into custom home remodeling to make it a semi dream home, you should consider custom home builders to start from the ground up.

By building your own custom home, you have control over the tiniest minutiae of your future home. Even down to the details of where you would like cable drops, phone jacks, and electrical outlets located. The new fad in dream home building is that of the Read more ...


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